On this episode, Chad and Clint figure out when is the best time of day to have a planning period, expose all their best time saving “teacher hacks”, and discuss what you should NEVER DO when on a field trip. Enjoy the show!

This time on Schooled Ya, we find out how much Clint knows about saying no to drugs, the guys talk about grades, and they share some thoughts about the ups and downs of heading back to school.

This time on the season 2 finale of Schooled Ya, Clint and Chad talk about how being treated like a human being makes them happy, debate the merits of homework, and discuss their upcoming summer vacations in Dad Chat.

This time on Schooled Ya!, Chad and Clint reveal their deepest show-related secrets, discuss the difficulties of helping students work through their personal problems, and bask in the joy of Dad Chat!  Okay, enjoy the episode!

This time on a terrifying episode of Schooled Ya!, Clint and Chad play a game about scary schools and haunted houses, chat about parent-teacher conferences, and share what's going on in their lives in Dad Chat!

This time on Schooled Ya!, learn along with Chad and Clint about Homecoming Trivia, enjoy an impactful conversation about concussions, and hear about the latest in their lives in Dad Chat!  Alright, enjoy the episode!